Our Programs

The mission of Be Active Inc. is the pursuit of the following core values:


We have an unwavering commitment to excellence in all that we do. We are committed to

the application of “Best Practices” in the field, and continuously strive to improve our service offerings through assessment of measurable outcomes such as behavior change, increased emotional health, and increased values foundations.


Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions with one another, with the children,

adolescents and families we serve, with other professionals, and with the public. Respect

is demonstrated by how we listen, how we speak, in the way we respect privacy and protect confidentiality, and in our adherence to humane treatment strategies.


We recognize that our clients have experienced trauma and tragedy and often respond to

our help with anger, defiance, and many other negative behaviors and emotions. Our

compassion helps us to understand the behavior of children and guides us in helping them find more effective ways to interact with society and deal with problems.


We believe that each person in the organization must take responsibility for the requirements of his/her position, and for the agency. This includes responsibility for the safety and well being of the children and adolescents, for fully and effectively implementing the program, for exercising good stewardship of all resources, for exercising integrity in the performance of our jobs, and for serving as a positive example of the agency.